Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shell Rings :: DIY

Because I'm pretty sure a lot of you is going to head down to the beach this summer, here is a quick and easy DIY to use all those shells you will pick up during your lazy days off on the sand.

You will just need shell, nail polish and some easy-to-find craft elements to realize these rings. You ready?

Makes 1 ring:

White spirit
Kitchen roll
Craft glue
1 ring setting
1 shell (choose a not too big one as you want to keep enough space between it and the ring setting to put your finger through)
Nail polish

* Gently pass a white spirit soaked roll kitchen over all the part of the shell that is going to be painted. Allow to dry for few seconds.
* Paint the shell with the nail polish. According to its covering power one or several coat will be needed, just make sure to allow the first coat to dry well before adding an other one.

* Put some craft glue on the ring setting and gently place the shell on it.

* Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.

* Don't hesitate to try making rings with other nail polish, have fun !

* Tadaaaammm !!!

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