Sunday, June 30, 2013

The challenge :: Look

My family and friends know how absent-minded I can be and most of the times it plays me tricks.

Last time was in Paris few weeks ago: I slept at my ant's for the first days and moved to a friend's for the last night. To avoid carrying my bags all day I left them at my ant's work and was supposed to pick them up at the end of the day before closing.
I then spent my day wandering around and, as you might have guessed so far, realized to late it was time for offices to close. So there I was with a party at night, all my clothes in my luggage that was about to spend its night in the offices and on a budget to find myself something as I already done too much shopping before...
I finally found this top and pant for 55€ in less than 10 minutes at Zara and I'm pretty glad with them: in spite of their patterns I already wore them quite often since !

T-shirt :: Zara (collection actuelle)
Pantalon :: Zara (collection actuelle)
Sac :: Rockmafia
Boots :: 2NDAPRIL
Collier :: Asos

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