Thursday, June 20, 2013

Closet Makeover II :: Lifestyle

Here we are with a new Closet Makeover opus ! Remember we talked about finding our style last time?  So we keep on going today with few tips for culling your wardrobe in a way to optimize space in your closet, having in it only items you are keen to wear and knowing which ones are missing. Ready?

I:: Sorting your clotes out

Culling our clothes can easily become a nightmare so here are few tips to do it quickly AND efficiently !

First sort your clothes out according their nature: dresses with dresses, denim pant with denim pant, shirt with shirt etc ... Once its done divide each category according those criterion:
* the basics.
* the originals, which are those pieces that will give a kick to your daily looks.
* the forgotten, all these clothes that are hidden somewhere in your wardrobe.
* the transformable such as denim pant, plain colored t-shirt, shirt or sweater, clothe with beautiful patterns  you can use latter for DIY projects.

The easiest part is to identify the basics (see here for the tips). On the other hand identifying "the originals" and the "forgotten" we have to get rid of might be harder so here are few questions that will help a lot for that:

* When were the last 3 times you wore this item ? If you can't (or barely) remember or don't reach that 3 times number, get rid of it. Of course be sure to do this during the right season for each item (don't decide to throw away a sunbathing dress during winter, you might regret it!)
* Does this clothe make you feel attractive?
* Is this item still in good condition?
* Would you buy this item if you were doing some shopping right now?

If the answer is "no" for at least one of these 3 last question, give your clothe away !

N.B: all of this don't work for "sentimental" items that will remain in my closet whatever happen.

II :: Give and sell

Now you have decide which clothes you are going to keep and the ones you're not, it's time to decide which ones that are valuable for selling and the ones you can give.

Here are few ideas:

* Valuable clothes

We are talking here about brand clothes that are still in good condition and that are still on the date.

- community second-hand shop website
- clothe swap with friends
- garage sale
- create a Facebook group where girls from your city can be part of to sell their clothes

* Other clothes

Donate to associations, Red Cross or other charity foundations all the other clothes.

Don't hesitate to leave comment to share your tips with us !

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