Thursday, June 20, 2013

Floral Wedges :: DIY

I love all those flowers crowns we are seeing everywhere but I'm really not sure about wearing them during the day (or even for a night out). I had recently the idea of putting them on my feet changing a simple pair of wedges into a half-girly and half-50' spirit shoes. And I love them !

The steps are ridiculously easy and the whole process will take less than 30 minutes. You ready ?

You need:

Wedges (mine are from Zalando)
Thread and quite thick needle
Fake flowers (I used this headband from Asos but you can also find some at H&M with pin at the back, which will be even easier to fix them)

* Place the headband over the front strap of one of the wedges to figure out how long the piece you have to cut has to be. Here I used the 2 externals flowers for each wedge: white and purple.

* Sew both of the ends of the headband on each side of the strap. If the flowers are bulky (such as here) place the headband at the top of the strap so the flowers won't completely hide your toes.
* Repeat on the other wedge.

* Cut the headband extra ends if needed.
* I also had to take some petals of to reduce the volume of the flowers. Make sure to try often your shoes during this step to make sure you don't take off too many of them.

* Tadaaaammm !!!

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