Sunday, May 26, 2013

Have a good Sunday !

Paris is coming soon and I can't wait to find my favorites places back, such as Starbuck's. Nothing exciting about it in fact but I don't know why I love their so-far-too-dry scones. Above all when served with freshly squeezed orange juice...
But I was too impatient to wait 2 more weeks so I made some myself. No need to say they were much more better, but something was missing anyway. My name on my cup maybe?

Hope you're enjoying your week-end so far, mine starts tonight and I can't wait to take 2 days off at Cap Ferret, a lovely and wild place not far from when I live but so different as well. Don't forget to follow my adventures over there on Instagram @une_touche_de_rose !

Sunday Recipe

Chocolate chip & macadamia nuts scones.

I made my traditional scones recipe and just added a (generous) handful of chocolate chips and an other of macadamia nuts. No specific quantities, make your own according to your taste !

Sunday Music

Metric - Breathing Under Water.

Sunday Pics
Cap Ferret. 
Even if I am now ok with the fact it will be raining on Tuesday, I now hope the sun will shine out on Monday to at least be able to enjoy our week-end properly. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is playing with my nerves changing every hour ... 

Drinks & food.
Home-made food, wine and friends are the best way to forget the bad weather outside.

Sorry mummy.
New tattoo... The pink inside the flowers will be fixed this week, can't wait !

Sunday Geek

#, part 2.

Last week I suggested you to use a common hashtag on Instagram for all the recipes & DIY you make at home following the tutorials of the blog. After a hard brainstorm with myself I finally decided that going to the point was the best way :


So here we go, you can now use on Instagram #unetouchederose each time you will post a pic of a recipe or crafty projects from my blog, and don't forget to tag me to make me aware of it @une_touche_de_rose !

Sunday DIY

Polka dot jeans.

How great looks this boyfriend denim pant with big polka dots? Find the steps to do it at home here, using your own stencil for the dot (cut a circle into a piece of cardboard).


Sunday Deco

Love this simple pink glass case and vintage mirror that give an instant girly touch to a bathroom.

Source inconnue.

Sunday Look


How stunning are these gladiators (find them here) ???!!!


Have a good Sunday !

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