Friday, May 24, 2013

Baroque-style cuff :: DIY

I had some clear PVC left since this DIY and I am having so much fun playing with it making new jewels.
I love the graphic and minimalist look this material has and today I'm going to show you how you can make yourself 2 baroque-style cuff that will look awesome with a white t-shirt and a boyfriend pair of jeans (or whatever you want!).

You need:

1 piece of clear PVC of 3 mm thick (see below to figure out the size you need)
8 big rhinestone (dont forget to buy the rhinestone tacks that come with if needed !)
Adhesive tape
White thread + thin needle
4 press buttons of 7 mm diameter*  

* After few days of wearing these cuff I highly recommend you to use round top studs with screws such as here, they are I think the best way for pvc.

Step 1 :: Cut the cuff

* You need first to figure out your wrist diameter to know the length and width of your cuff.
* I used here the round bone of the wrist to start and chose to make a 5 cm width cuff.
* I then wrapped the measuring tape around my wrist at this 5 cm point above the bone to measure the diameter (17 cm) and I add 1.5 cm to it.

I know have my cuffs size : 5 cm x 18.5 cm

* Trace a rectangle of this size on the paper sheet and cut it.
* Place it and maintain it thanks to adhesive tape on your pvc, and cut the sides with the box cutter.
* Repeat to make the second cuff.

Step 2 :: Where to place the elements

Press buttons:

* On the cuff ends mark 2 points at 5 mm from the smallest side and 1.5 cm from the largest side.
* Wrap the cuff on itself to join the ends and mark the 2 same other points on the other side of it, using the transparent effect. Make sure both ends are well lined up.
* Put the second cuff one this one and mark the points using the transparent effect.


* Place 4 rhinestones on the top of one cuff. Make sure they are well lined up (I did it approximately - and it worked pretty well - but you can also use the paper rectangle you previously used as pattern to measure and mark well lined points, place it under the cuff to mark the rhinestones outlines).
* Draw the rhinestones outlines with the pen.
* Place the second cuff on the top of this one and draw the outlines thanks to the transparent effect.

Step 3 :: Sew the press buttons

* Break the press buttons away and sew the first part on one end of the cuff.
* Wrap the cuff to make sure the points on the other end or well lined up with the press buttons parts you just sewed. You also notice that you will need to sew the other part of the press buttons on the other side of the cuff !
* Sew the press buttons other parts.
* Make sure once again both sides match perfectly when closed.

Step 4 :: Sew the rhinestones

* Sew the rhinestones (or rhinestones tacks if like here), making sure they are well lined up.
* Once its done, place the rhinestones on the stacks closing them gently with a knife with round blade.
* Repeat on the other cuff and you're done !

* Tadaaaaammm !!!

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