Saturday, June 1, 2013

Closet Makeover I :: Lifestyle

We have sometimes a controversial relationship with our wardrobe, we love it but we also think most of the time we have nothing to wear (whereas our shelves are too packed).

I have made recently a huge spring wardrobe cleaning and I've establish a guide line that should help me a lot regarding to:
* having only useful (and beautiful) clothes
* keeping my closet tidy
* avoiding loosing my clothes somewhere in my closet
* maximizing the high rotation of my clothes and knowing which ones are really missing in my wardrobe

I've divided this closet makeover in several parts, and the first one is today about how to find and define our own style, which is obviously vital if we want to have a functional and beautiful closet.

When I say "find and define your own style" I don't only mean wearing clothes that we are used to and that's all (I don't want to spend my life in jeans and breton top which are my favorite, how boring this would be!) but being aware of the kind of clothes that fit us well, the ones we feel confident, beautiful and at ease when wearing them.

I :: What are the "in and out"

The most important thing is to identify some basics elements that will help us to identify which item can be saved in our closet (or not).

Those 3 basics elements are: fit, fabrics and colors.

Identifying them is quite easy: ask yourself which are your favorite items of your closet ! It will be your "everyday basics" (the fit of a denim pant, a recurrent color among your clothe, ...) but don't forget to take also in count more atypical items that you love (a print, a robe fit, ...).

Being aware of these will be really helpful to clean up your wardrobe but also for shopping!

Stripes, denim, silk, blue, mini-skirt, denim shorts, pink, ... here is a tiny glimpse of my everyday basics.

At the same time don't forget to keep in mind the clothes, fits and colors that don't suit you ! It's safe to say it will avoid you to buy a piece that might get lost somewhere in your wardrobe.

Anyway, do not restrain yourself when it comes to try new fit, new styles or new colors outside of your wardrobe comfort zone. You might have good surprise !

II :: Work on your creativity

Working on your creativity is one of the most important thing if you want to have your own style and the best way for it is to make yourself style-board whit any finds that can inspire your everyday style: street style look, colors matching, a small detail... be on the look-out of every little things!
Try to feed it as often as possible and you will notice soon that the more you feed it, the more the styles you like will come out !

This style-board can be done a notebook or virtual support, or both. Your call to chose which one suit you the best !
As far as I am concern I use both of them:
* I've stared a notebook style-board 4 years ago and it became a monthly ritual: I buy fashion magazine, I grab a cup of tea and I pick-up my favorite style and inspiration.
* I also use Pinterest since its beginning and I have to admit it became my N°1 source of inspiration, I am so addicted to it (my style board - jewel board - wish list board).

Source of inspiration are everywhere: blog, magazines, brands lookbook, street style (and not only during Fashion Week but every day!). Be curious, it will be the best way to improve your style ! 

My 10 favorite website for fashion inspiration:

Last important points:

* Be curious and audacious: dare to try original item you like and that usually are out of your comfort zone. I bet you will have great surprise !
* Have your own critical mind and above all avoid trying to do every single thing you can read in fashion magazine. I have recently read that breton top were so over... Well, I do love breton top and I think they will always be a part of my basic wardrobe items !
* Don't try to 'copy-paste' your look from fashion magazine, trust me nothing is more impersonal and expressionless. On the contrary adapt trends to your own style bringing your own personal touch !
* Have fun !

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