Saturday, April 13, 2013

Have a good Sunday !

Nothing is better than starting spring season with fresh strawberries and wiped cream, right ? So I made a decadent breakfast version of it: freshly baked croissants stuffed with wiped cream and strawberries. And it was amazingly good.
Besides, here are the last inspiring things of the moment.

Sunday recipe

Croissant stuffed with Spring.

The only thing to do here is to handle your electronic mixer to make the wiped cream... tough job isn't it?
And just before you start here is my recommendation: use exclusively high quality products buying your croissant at the best bakery of your area, buying your strawberries at the farmer's market and making your own wiped cream which is nothing to compare with the industrial one and ridiculously easy to make.

Makes 2 stuffed croissant and extra to dip the strawberries (or makes 4 stuffed croissants):
13 cl single cream
3 tbsp icing sugar
2 or 4 croissants

* 1 hour before (or the night before) put the bowl you are going to make the wiped cream in the fridge.
* Pour the single cream in it and start beating.
* Once the cream as thickened add the icing sugar and keep beating until the wiped cream is thick and shiny.
* Cut the croissants and filled them with the wiped cream (use a pastry bag if needed) and chopped strawberries.
* Enjoy !

Sunday Music

Reboot the Mission feat. Mick Jones - The Wallflowers.

Sunday Pics

I finally put my hand on the perfect white boho dress I was looking for ages (for less than 25€!).

In love with this Insight one-piece swimsuit...

... and I am back on running before wearing it !

Sunday Deco

Green inspiration.




Sunday Food

Cocktail vitamines.

Mum gave me a packet with 'super fruits' that are super healthy (and good) made with Incas berries (my fav'), goji berries,  mulberries and cranberries.
It's my new drug !

Sunday Shoes


I have just discover this australian brand that makes amazing shoes !!! I am totally in love with these 2 models I would love to have in my closet...
P.S: no shipping cost on their e-shop ;)

Sunday DIY

Asymmetrical skirt. 

Asymmetrical skirts are everywhere, and I love them. Why don't we try to make our own? Give me just a bit of time to find the right fabric and the easiest way to make them, and I will teach you how to do ;)

Sunday Look

Love the casual and chic mix of this outfit.

Get the Sunday look ::

Have a good Sunday !

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