Friday, April 12, 2013

The bi-material sweater :: DIY

Few weeks ago I stumbled into a pic (see below) of Emilie Weiss  (Honestly WTF) on Pinterest that was wearing a stunning sweater  with leather sleeves. I immediately though about my old H&M sweater that would be perfect this way, and it has become one of my favorite item from my wardrobe since !

It's a really easy tutorial that will need just a bit of time (around 3 hours) if you do some handing-sewing. Of course if you have a sewing machine at home it will take you half the time !
Just one thing before you start: chose a sweater with a loose fit, such as the above picture, as its the fitting that match the best this style.

You need:

Sweater (mine is form H&M)
Tape meter (or ruler)
Fabric pen (or a basic one)
Strong cotton thread, same color as your faux-leather
Leather needle
2 rectangles faux-leather (see below for more details about the size)

* Start defining the size of your faux-leather rectangles.
LENGTH: measure the distance between the shoulder and elbow and mark the center (it will be the highest point you will sew the faux-leather piece). This mark should be under your biceps. Measure the distance between this point and the wrist and add 1 cm of margin: this is the length of your faux-leather rectangle. Here the length is 40 cm, with the 1cm of margin it is then 41 cm.

WIDTH: Measure the distance around the sleeve at the point you made previously. Proceed the same as for the length counting 1 cm of margin. Here the width is 20 cm, with the 1 cm of margin its then 21 cm.

I have to cut 2 faux-leather rectangles of 41 cm x 21 cm.

* Now you have to figure out where to cut the sleeve. Here I have chosen to keep a thin part of the cotton fabric of the sweater that will allow the sleeve to remain flexible (it wouldn't be the case with a 100% faux-leather sleeve).

Draw a line around the sleeve at the point you marked to get the length (the one just under the biceps). Place the inner side of the sleeve in front of you (2.) and mark the center of the line. Mark the center of the wrist as well.
Join this 2 points drawing a line between (3.).

* Cut the sleeve within the lines and the sleeve seam.
* Repeat all these steps on the other sleeve.

* Once you have taken the 2 sleeves pieces out place them on the faux-leather rectangle and settle them well with needles.
* Cut around.

* Turn the sweater over and place one of the faux-leather piece on the back along the thin sleeve shred.
* Start sewing the top part (1.), then the width one (2.) and the sleeve seam (3.) at last.

* Follow the bellow plan to sew the materials together keeping a margin of 5 mm or so:

* Make sure to sew tight to secure the faux-leather. Don't hesitate to sew a second time to strengthen the seams.

Tadaaaaaaammmmm !

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