Sunday, April 14, 2013

Le Moulleau with Marcel :: look

These pictures taken last week at Le Moulleau (Arcachon, France) made me realize 2 important things:

1) Marcel is such a big dog now ! I didn't realized how fast he had grown until watching these photos as in my eyes I still see him as a 2 month puppy (he is 1 year 1/2 now...).
2) I really, really, need to cut my fringe as its obvious I can't see anything. Well, I cut it since but by my own and its not that straight...

I told you it was crucial informations...

Besides, I am wearing my favorite jean of the moment. I love its cut, color, flowers on sides and above all how versatile it could be ! I first though it will be one of these eccentric piece I would wear once at times and I finally surprise myself wearing more often than I would though.

Veste :: Des Petits Hauts
Sweat :: Zara
Chemise en jean :: Zara
Jean :: Insight
Shoes :: Mellow Yellow
Sac :: DIY
Bandana :: La boutique du bandana
Lunettes de soleil :: Roxy

Get the look ::

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