Thursday, September 12, 2013

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I have to admit I am very good at procrastination. I would even say I am a master in that but as I have now tones of projects I have to handle at the same time, I am trying to getting myself more organized and most of all efficient.

So far I was used to write my to do list of the day on randomly sheets of paper (old envelop, spare place on a magazine page, ...) but it always ended up loosing it. It wasn't very appalling and I didn't pay attention at it.
I came to the conclusion I needed something pretty I would give an eye to (such as for my weekly planner, remember ?) and I made myself this printable To Do list template I am now filling every day at the end of breakfast with all the things that have to be done before tomorrow.

Here is how it looks and I though it would be great if you can print it as well so here is the link to download and print it at home (I use 'postcard template' for printing, it takes half a page).

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