Thursday, September 12, 2013

Leopard Nails :: DIY

Until now I wasn't that much into nail art but last week-end I saw how funny it can be and how great a simply pop of colors on the nail can give a kick to a basic outfit, so I decided to try my hand on it.

For this first time I wanted to try making little leopard marks on my nails as they didn't seem so hard to make. Indeed it managed to finish both of my hands in 15 minutes, using only my nailpolish brush and a tooth-pick ! Here are the few steps I follow:

You need:
Base and top coat
Glitter nail polish
Black nail polish for the leopard marks sides
Light nail polish for the base
Colors nail polish for the leopard marks
1 tooth-pick

P.S: if you do this manicure at home and share it on instagram don't forget to tag #unetouchederose ;)

* Start by applying a coat of base and when dried one or two coats of the light color nail polish. Apply the glitter nail polish when desired, I chosen here the left ring finger and right forefinger to avoid being too symmetric.
* Allow to dry few minutes and start making some irregulars dots with each of your color nail polish. Stay light as you don't want your mani to be too packed.

* Put some black nail polish on the tooth-pick and gently make tiny lines on two of the opposite sides of each mark.

* Once its done make small dark marks on the nails. Keep it simple and make only 2 or 3 per nail.

* Wait few minutes until dry and apply the top coat.
* Tadaaaaammmm !!!

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