Sunday, July 14, 2013

Have a good Sunday !

High season is always a tough part of the job and even if we are only half July I already feel exhausted.
To help remaining ok up to the end of august (and at least to the end of the day) I am trying the eat as healthy as I can using full of vitamins products such as this yummy smoothie for breakfast ! Served with warm slices of bread with butter and maple sirup ... yum !

Sunday Recipe

Full of energy Smoothie.

Serves 2:

3 oranges
1/2 mango
1 banana
1 handful of strawberries
Some shredded coconut
1 tsp flower pollen (find it in organic shop)

* Squeeze the oranges.
* Place the orange juice, mango and banana diced, strawberries, shredded coconut and flower pollen into a blender and... mix. Serve cold !

Sunday Music

I wouldn't need you - Norah Jones.

Sunday Pics

Slice of life.

Our home sweet home.

My new "milky way" effect nailpolish.

Sunday Déco


Plates on the wall are no longer for grandmas only !


Sunday DIY

Bow your shirt.

A lovely idea from Frankie Magazine to give a kick to our basic denim shirt.


Sunday Food

Candied flowers pavlova.

How cute are these candied flower pavlova ?


Sunday Inspiration

Fashion display.

I love collecting picture of fashion item displayed in unusual situation, which appears to be an other way to finally highlight them. And we all agree on the fact that guys from The Coveteur are so far the best for that !



Sunday Look



Get the Sunday look ::

Have a good Sunday !

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