Friday, July 26, 2013

Double Ring :: DIY

You are probably aware of my love for original big rings as I think they bring this little accessorize touch to any outfit by themselves.

Lately I made my own ring using only few materials such as pearls, nylon string and chain and I'm pretty happy with the result. Follow the 3 easy steps bellow to make your own !

You need:

Thin nylon string (about 2 mm)
Cutting pliers
Thin chain
Round pearls (chose ones with quite large holes as you will need to pass the string throw several times)
Tube pearls

Step 1 :: Make the rings

* Cut around 10 cm of nylon string and thread on it as many round pearls as you need to make a ring that fit your finger. Once its done make a double knot with the 2 string ends.

TIPS to avoid having itchy ends nylon string knot on your ring: once the knot is made pass each nylon string end throw 2 pearls that are at their side and cut the string after this 2 pearls. This way the nylon string ends will be hidden into the pearls, such as the knot.

* Repeat for the 3 other rings, making sure that they fit your finger phalanx each time (so you want to have 4 rings with 4 slightly different diameters, the biggest one at the base of your finger and the smallest one at the top of the middle phalanx).

Step 2 :: Tube pearls

* You want here to join the 2 rings for each phalanx together thanks the tube pearls.
* Cut a 10 cm long nylon string piece.
* Take the 2 rings that will be on the same phalanx. Pass the string throw 3 pearls of one of each, making sure to keep around 5cm of string at the end.
* Insert a tube pearl at the other end (the longer one) and pass it throw 3 pearls from the other ring.
* Insert an other tube pearl and pass the nylon string throw 3 pearls of the first ring, making sure to keep a 3 pearls interval with the beginning pearl (the one you inserted the nylon string at the very first time).

* Keep on going until both rings are joined and the 2 nylon string ends meet.
* Make a knot following above tip.

* Repeat for the 2 rings of the other phalanx.

Step 3 :: Chains

* Put on your 2 phalanx rings and put the ring on them.
* Count how many links you need to join the 2 rings.

* Cut 2 pieces of chains according the links numbers needed.

* Cut around 8 cm long nylon string and pass one of the ends throw one of the tube pearl of one ring. As before, keep around 4 cm extra string length end for the final knot.
* Pass the nylon string throw the first link of the chain and then throw the same tube pearl you pass it throw first.
* Make a knot at the end.

* Repeat on the other ring catching the other end of the chain.

* Do the same on the other side, making sure to remain symmetrical from the first chain. Don't hesitate to put your ring to figure out which pearls you will have to knot the chain at.

* Tadaaaammmm !!!!

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  1. The ring is really cool. I wish I was that good at making things :)