Friday, June 28, 2013

The sheer skirt :: DIY

Sheer skirt are everywhere since last summer and I definitely wanted to try my hand on making my own.

It appears that the steps are ridiculously easy and I have since bought an other fabric to make an other one !
For this first try I wanted something slightly different and made a midi-lengh skirt. I wasn't sure about it at the beginning but DIY are also a good way to make yourself clothes you might not usually buy in stores !

You need:

1 mini cotton skirt matching your sheer fabric color (got mine at H&M for under 10€)
sheer fabric (see below for measures)
rubber band of 3 cm wide of your waist size
matching thread and needle (or sewing machine)
measuring tape

Length & width of the sheer fabric

Width : measure your waist size and add around 13 cm. This way you will get a skirt such as on the picture. If you want to add more pleats add instead 25-30 cm to your waist size: the more centimeters you will add the more pleats you get !
Length: your call for the length, just make sure to start measuring form your waist.

Here is a M size and I used 91 cm x 150 cm sheer fabric.

Step 1 :: Placing the rubber band

* Fold on of the small side over 3.5 cm, you want to make sure it's wide enough to make the rubber band go through. Pin and then sew.

* Fold the end of the rubber band around the stick and gently pass it through the hem.

* Adjust the fabric along the rubber band and sew the rubber band ends together.

Step 2 :: Sewing the skirt

* Pin together the 2 sheer fabric sides and sew.

* As I used a non-fray fabric which is also transparent I decided not making a hem at the bottom of the skirt for aesthetic matters but you can of course make one if you want to.
* Wear this sheer skirt over the mini one and you're done.
* Tadaaaammm !!!!

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