Sunday, June 16, 2013

Have a good Sunday !

It might sounds weird, above all for people that live in big cities, but I always feel revitalized when I come back from a trip in Paris. I love how this city is full of energy and creativity and all of that inspire me so much, but I will talk about it longer this week through a pics review of my 3 days out there.
Hope you are having a wonderful week-end !

Sunday Recipe

White chocolate spread and strawberries toasted sandwich.

We should have have crumpets for breakfast today but after trying my hand on them it felt obvious it wasn't such a great recipe to make on a sunday morning: there were not that tasty and above all really long to cook and I'm pretty sure no one want to spend almost one hour baking crumpets. Well, I don't.
I've instead tried to find something to make with few ingredients I had left at home and those breakfast sandwich made with home-made white chocolate spread and fresh strawberries were perfect !

White Chocolate Spread

100 gr white chocolate
2 tbsp mascarpone cheese
1 tbsp single cream

Sandwiches (makes 2)

4 slices white bread
few strawberries
icing sugar (optional)

* Put all the ingredients together (chocolate has to be diced) in a small saucepan placed into a larger one filled of warm water.
* Cook on medium heat, you want to have simmering water but not boiling, until all the ingredients are melted. Don't hesitate to stir well at the end to get a thick, shiny and smooth spread.
* Use some of the spread for the sandwiches, store the one remaining into the fridge and eat within the week.
* Toast 2 slices of white bread, spread some white chocolate on them, add some strawberries diced then cover with 2 others slices of white bread toasted.
* Repeat for the other sandwich and enjoy immediately !

Sunday Music

Best Youth - Still your girl.

Sunday Pics

Parisian treasures.

I've walked a lot in Paris and not only for discovering the city ...

Beauty products found at Sephora (and Givenchy thanks to my friend who work there)
Marks & Spencer yummy founds
Mix of new patterns for my closet

Sunday DIY

Pimp your bike.

I live in a place where bike riding is unavoidable but where bike robberies are also frequent, and when I saw this gems bike I immediately knew it was one of the solution to reduce the chances to get mine stolen. First because it will be highly recognizable and second because I'm pretty sure not many guy would stole a bike with such a girly look !

Sunday Food

Dream Beach.

I am tonight trying a freshly new opened restaurant by the beach and I just can't wait for it !

Sunday Déco

Green wall.

One day I will have a green thumb and this day I will do the same wall at home.


Sunday Shoes

Over-the-knee gladiators III.

It feels like today is the last day I'm going to talk to you about my over-the-knee gladiators obsession as I finally put my hand on these beauties from Zara. Hallelujah !

Sunday Beauty

White & blue.

Beautiful white & blue nail art found on Rebecca Minkoff Instagram account.

Sunday Look

Love the shoes. And the shirt.
And the skirt.

Get the Sunday look ::

Have a good Sunday !

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