Friday, June 14, 2013

Distressed Denim Short :: DIY

As you might have noticed already, distressed denim shorts are everywhere this summer and I like this trend: there are so many ways to where those shorts. But instead of buying one (which has never the right length or too expensive for me) I've instead decided to try my hand at making my own and I am so glad of how great it has ended up !

You need:

Old denim pant with boyfriend fit (don't hesitate to pick on up from your brother/boyfriend/friend closet ! )
box cutter
matching thread and needle
thick piece of cardboard box

N.B: you can also use this process on denim pant or jacket !

Step 1 :: Make the short

* Put on your denim pant and use the chalk to trace the line you want the short to stop. Make sure to keep a 4-5 cm extra for the hem.
* Lay down the pant and fold it into half. Trace the line on the other leg using the one marked as a guide. Make sure the two legs are well lined up to have the same length at both legs.

* Cut along the chalk lines, make a 4 cm hem to the outside and sew both sides of each leg under the seams.

Step 2 :: Make the rips

* Mark 2 rectangles (or square) with the chalk that will define the rips place. It's up to you to figure out how wide and tall you want the rectangles to be.

* Place the cardboard box into one of the leg under the rip place.

* Cut stripes into the denim rectangle with the cutter box, keeping around 5 mm between each.

* Repeat on the other leg.
* Wash the short into the washing machine to get this distressed effect.
* Once its dry cut some of the white strings that are too long and you're done !

* Tadaaammm !!!

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