Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chain Sandals :: DIY

I bought this pair of nude sandals 3 summers ago but I have to admit they spent most of their time in my closet since. I have thinking about sending them loads of time but there was always this little voice that popped up in my head telling me I should keep them: they would be perfect for a DIY project.

I finally found out what this DIY would be: a pair of chains sandals that will be perfect to give a nice boho spirit to my summer looks.
Icing on the cake ? it also appears to be such an easy process that took me less than 30 minutes !

You need :

1pair of sandals with a tong-string 
2 chains pieces that match the size of the sandales tong-string and wide enough to hide it 
matching thread and thick needle

* Center the chain on the tong-string and sew the top link. Go around it at least 3 times to secure well.

* Sew the bottom link, making sure the chain is still well centered and flat on the tong-string.

* Finally sew the middle link at its both ends (top and bottom) to avoid the chain moving away.

* Tadaaaammm !!!

Here is a selection of sandals under 25€ that would be perfect for this DIY. Don't forget to use #unetouchederose tag if posting your own pair on Instagram !

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