Friday, May 17, 2013

The asymmetric skirt :: DIY

At the moment I am really into this kind of wrap asymmetric skirt.
They are so flattering and fit everyone whatever the legs you have (trust me !), and above all really easy to make at home.

I wanted something both graphic and minimalist so I picked up a white faux-leather fabric but you can of course use the one you want (just make sure it's not too thin or sew inner coat if so).

I used here a sewing machine to save time but you can of course hand sew the whole project easily.

You need:
Faux-leahter fabric (see bellow to define its size)
2 press buttons of 1.5 cm diameter
Fabric pen
Measuring tape
Needle (use one large enough to be able to sew through faux-leather but not too wide as well as you don't want marks into your fabric)
Pins (use paper clip or adhesive tape if your faux-leather is thin to avoid marks)
Thread matching your faux-leather fabric

Step 1 :: Define the size of the faux-leather fabric 

Start define the size of your leather-fabric you need according to your waist size.
* First measure the length: using the measuring tape measure your waist size and double the number you got. This number is the faux-leather fabric lengh you need.
Here, my waist measure 69 cm so the lengh has to be 138 cm.
N.B: you might result with some extra fabric but that's ok, it won't be a problem once the skirt will be done. Remember, we try to keep it simple so we don't bother with too much difficult measurements !

* Now measure the height: use the measuring tape to get the right height starting from your waist or measure the one on a skirt you already have and add 3 extra centimeters (these will be the hems). I think stopping 10 cm above keen is the maximum length,  the shorter the better with this kind of skirt.
Here, the final height is 35 cm so I need a 38 cm heigh faux-leather fabric piece.

To make this skirt in Medium size I need a 138 cm x 38 cm faux-leather fabric piece.

Now you figured out what the is the fabric size you need, let's start sewing !

Step 2 :: hem the sides

* Lay down your fabric inside out and fold the edges of the skirt on 1.5 cm over all around, pin and sew them.
N.B: I used a quite thick faux-leather here that is why I have been able to pin without having marks after but if you use a thin faux-leather maintain the edges folded thanks to paper clip or adhesive tape.

Step 3 :: Make the darts

* You should by now have a big rectangle with the final dimensions of your skirt. If you wrap it around your waist you will notice it doesn't stick perfectly to it that's why you need to make 2 darts at the back.
* Use the fabric pen to mark into the skirt the 2 sides of your waist.
* Lay down the fabric inside out and use these 2 points to identify where to put the darts: the first dart should be 10 cm at the right side of the left point, and the second dart 10 cm at the left of the right point. You will get then 2 darts well placed at the back of your skirt.
* Create for each dart two equal angles around 1 cm high and 5 cm long (see pic bellow), pin and sew them.

Step 4 :: Sew the press buttons

* Wrap the skirt around your waist making sure to have the darts well centered at the back and work out where to place the press buttons.
* First one has to be at the hip where fabric ends meet, and the other one where the front edge overlaps. Use the fabric pen to draw marks.
N.B: It's up to you to define where you want the asymmetric edge, but if it can helps mine is 13.5 cm under the waist.

* Start sewing the hip press button making sure both sides are well centered (try the skirt once again if needed).

* Then sew the press button of the overlaps edge.

* One last detail, if you notice there is a small piece from the under skirt edge that is falling down on the side (which was the case here), fold it and sew it down.

* Tadaaaammmm !!!

Wear your wrap asymmetric skirt with an oversized t-shirt, a stripped top or a denim jacket and sparkling sneakers for a lunch, and a mesh sweater with heels at night... or conversely !

Lunch time Look: silk blouse Zara, denim sleeveless jacket H&M, arm cuff Asos (here), PVC clutch Zara, sparkling sneakers Vans (here).
Night out Look: Jewelled pouch DIY, silver necklace Asos (here), mesh sweater Zara, heals H&M.

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  1. This is so pretty, if I can find the right fabric I will definitely make it :)

  2. Gorgeous! Great choice of fabric :)

  3. You can't do skirt more easily than that way! That's awesome girl! :)