Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day Off :: look

After 3 intense weeks of work we finally took 2 days off to settle down a bit. Luckily we had some good weather so we took advantage of it to do some biki riding and treat ourselves with freshly made waffles.
It couldn't have been more relaxing !

I wore this day a dress I bought and wear once in the past 7 years, and a belt I found in a second-hand shop in Paris that I never have worn so far... I am usually not such a "clothe-keeper", above all for such a long time, but I'm finally glad I've save these two ones !

Dress :: Kookai
Cardigan :: Zara
Parka :: Stussy
Shoes :: 2NDAPRIL
Backpack :: Brandy Melville (bought in the US)
Belt :: vintage
Sunglasses :: H&M (current collection)
Necklace :: H&M
Bracelets :: vintage
Teeth ring :: Etsy

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1 comment:

  1. Oh I love this outfit!
    Dress +big cardigan + boots = Perfect :)
    See U.