Thursday, April 18, 2013

Embellished Bandana :: DIY

I used to wear lot of bandanas when I was little girl that my mum used to tie in my hair.
Even if I don't wear some that often now, I always keep one or two in my closet in case the weather is a bit chill (so I tie it around my neck) or to face up a bad hair day. And I though a little sparkle will give them a nice twist and give any outfit a "chic" side.

You need:

Round & tube pearls
Strass of different sizes and colors (I used 8 oval and 8 square ones)
Needle + Thread

* Tie the bandana as you would do before wearing it. It will highlight the area you will sew the strass and pearls on (as you may guessed there is no need to embellished the whole bandana as some area will always be folded).

* Arrange the strass where you want to sew them. Put some aside to sew them on the bandana ends (I saved 4 oval and 2 square strass).
* Take a picture of the final arrangement and sew the strass according the picture.
N.B: use the bandana pattern as point opf reference to sew the strass. There is no rule on how to place them, it's up to you!

* Knot the ends, place the knot in front of you and arrange the remaining strass. Take a picture if needed and sew them.

* Lay the bandana folded and sew the pearls.
* As for the strass, use the bandana pattern to help sewing the pearls.

* Don't forget to sew some pearls at the ends !

 Tadaaaammmm !!!

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