Monday, April 29, 2013

Antik Batik :: Look (+ Contest)

Few weeks ago Antik Batik asked me to take part of their contest "The Antik Batik printed pants through bloggers eyes" and I of course agreed.

First because I am really fond of this brand and second because I never enter this kind of contest and this is so challenging ! The aim was to style one of their printed pants from this summer collection and I've tried to do this the most spontaneously as possible, as I wanted to make this look very personal.
I've picked up only favorite items:

Black sandals, lace pink top, faux-leather headband and my PVC clutch I love so much.
And I ended up with a color block look I really like !

And I now need your help: my picture (such as other bloggers' ones) will be posted on Antik Batik Facebook page and the blogger's picture that will gain the most of "like" will win an Antik Batik accessory.
The best part of it is if I win one of the person that has voted for my picture will be picked at random to win this accessory too. How great does that sound ;) ?

The contest is now open and will last until next Monday 6th of May, so go on Antik Batik Facebook page, like my picture and Antik Batik Facebook page to confirm your participation, and don't forget to share my picture and ask your friends or whoever that is able to use Facebook to like it !
A huge huge thank you for your support <3

Lace top :: Kookai
Silk pants :: Antik Batik
Shoes :: Maje
Headband :: DIY
Cltuch :: DIY
Sunnies pouch :: H&M
Pink bracelet :: H&M
Rope & strass bracelet :: Bimba & Lola
Other bracelets :: vintage

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