Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Transparent Embellished Clutch :: DIY

So far I remember, I have always been a huge fan of everything that comes in clear plastic and this transparent clutch is a DIY I wanted to make since a long time.

Few weeks ago, while watching some Fashion Week pics, I stumbled into this Shourouk clutch that immediately made me want to add some strass to the DIY and here it was, big enough to put my survival kit and to be worn as a bag or clutch.

You need:

A 46 cm x 46 cm clear PVC square, mine was 3mm thick
Multi hole punch
5 round top studs with screws
46 cm x 46 cm square cardboard
Adhesive tape
1 meter long chain
Embellished bracelet
Cutting pliers
Jewelery glue
Thread + needle

Step 1:: make the bag

* Draw the clutch template onto your cardboard following the measurements bellow.

* Cut your template out and place your PVC on it. Stick it on with the adhesive tape and cut along the template sides.

* Remove the PVC from the template and fold the corners over, side first and then bottom.
* With your pen mark the 4 points where you will put your stud beads to secure the clutch shape.

* Use the multi hole punch to perforate onto these marks (make sure to use the hole stick that have the same diameter than your stud screw one). Fix the stud pushing the screw from underneath and screwing the top on.

* Figure out where will be placed the last stud that will act as a latch (it has to be on the middle of the clutch). Make a hole and screw the stud.

* Fold the top PVC part over and mark with your pen the 3 points above the 3 top studs that will be your bag latch.
* Make holes with your multi hole punch (using a hole stick with the same size than the stud rond part) and gently press the top PVC part to close your bag.

N.B: You can stop here to make a simply clear PVC clutch.

Etape 2 :: Add the strass

* Cut the sides of your bracelet with the clutting pliers.
* Decide where you are going to put it, spread some glue at the back and gently place it on the bag. Let dry for 20 minutes or so.

* Sew the bracelet to secure it on the bag. Is used a thread with a similar color than the metal of the bracelet to keep it invisible.

N.B: You can stop here to have a beautiful embellished clutch.

Etape 3 :: Add the handle

Sew 1 or 2 links each side of the inner top flap, at the folding.

Tadaaaaaammm !!!

One last thing, don't overweight your bag as you may damage the PVC with too much weight.

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  1. Very cool!!! I can't wait to try this! You make it look so easy though : / LOL, I hope I can pull it off.