Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Headband :: Look

I could have named this post "Like Angie" (in reference to Angelina's famous red carpet long slit dresses), "The Stratagem" (because long dress/skirt are my favorite items to hide my white spring bare legs), but "Easter headband" got my preference, as this knotted headband makes me look like an Easter egg and we it's currently Easter season.

This week the sun has shyly come out so I jump at the chance to wear my favorite long dress. I love how this slit gives a kick to this casual item, and I can't wait to wear it during chilly summer nights with flat sandals.
But at the moment, I love to pair it with a leather perfecto, Converse shoes and my favorite new transparent bag (see DIY here).

Dress :: Asos
Jacket :: H&M
Belt :: Zara
Scarf :: Guess
Bracelet :: Etsy
Shoes :: Converse
Bag :: DIY

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