Friday, March 15, 2013

Delicious Spring Rolls :: Food

Even if I love my traditional "ham & cheese" sandwich,I am a little bit tired of eating almost every day the same thing for lunch: sandwich, pasta salads and sometimes rice salads.
So I have decided to give my lunch meal a kick turning it into some kind of spring rolls, a bit more appealing (at least for me) than the original ones.

Chicken, dried cranberries, carrot, lettuce and soy vermicelli will be wrapped up into light rice wrappers, served while 2 delicious salsa (curry and sweet) to dip them in.

This have inspired me and I'm pretty sure we will talk soon about other alternatives way for lunch such as home-made corn tortilla or bagels. Who's in?

What are you fav' recipes for lunch?

Makes 9:

1 big chicken breast
1 handful of dried organic cranberries
1 carrot
Soja (or rice) vermicelli
9 rice wrappers

Curry Salsa:
1 greek yogurt
Curry powder
Fresh ground ginger

Sweet Salsa:
Sweet soy sauce
Sesame oil
Fresh squeezed lemon juice

Sping Rolls:

* Start setting all the ingredients: lightly fried the chicken diced in a saucepan with a tablespoon of olive oil, cut your carrot in sticks, cook the vermicelli as said on the packaging, rinse the lettuce and soak the cranberries into a small bowl filled with warm water for 10 minutes or so.
* Lay a clean moisturized (this will avoid the rice wrappers to stick) towel on a flat area and sat aside a big bowl with warm water.
* Dip one rice wrappers into the water few seconds or until soften, then gently lay it flat on the towel.
* At one end place some lettuce, chicken, carrot sticks, cranberries and vermicelli.
* Fold this side tighty until the center, then fold the left and right sides inward, and keep folding to the end.
* Set aside on a plate, and keep on doing with the 8 others rice wrappers.

Curry Salsa;

In a small bowl mix the greek yogurt with curry powder (quantities according your taste), a bit of fresh ground ginger and a salt.

Sweet Salsa:

In a small bowl mix 1 tablespoon sweet soy sauce with 3 drops sesame oil and few drops of lemon juice.

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