Friday, March 22, 2013

Boho Clutch :: DIY

As I told you last monday I got a beautiful vintage fabric from Antik Batik. I have chosen to make a clutch with it, keeping the boho and ethnic spirit of the brand.

I also realized at the end it has the perfect dimension to put my Macbook Air (13") in it, and I have to admit it has become my new computer case since.

You will need :

27 inch x 14 inch fabric
57 inch faux-leather string
Fabric glue
2 pompons
Neon color thread
Cotton thread + needle (chose a large one)

N.B: use the fabric glue only in case you have a 1/2 inch thick fabric otherwise you may have some glue marks. If your fabric is not thick enough, use thread & needle and sew!

* Start folding your fabric in bottom to the middle in length way.
* Put some fabric glue on the inner sides and press gently. Let dry few minutes.
* Fold the 2 top external corners to make 2 equal triangles. Put some fabric glue on the inner sides, press gently et let dry for few minutes.

* Optional: sew the glued sides with your cotton thread. You can't miss this part, I did as I know I will need a very strong clutch as I may overweigh it at times.

* Sew the neon thread approximatively along the sides. You don't need to be very precise, being irregular will give your clutch this "hand-made ethnical" beautiful side.

* Fold your faux-leather string into 2 equals parts and make a knot around 2 inch from the middle to make a loop.
* Glue it in the middle of the bottom side of your clutch and let dry few minutes.

* Glue the 2 faux-leather strings flat side by side and well centered at the back of the clutch.
* Make sure the faux-leather strings exceed the loop from 2 inch. Cut if they are too long.

* Cut the string loop of your pompons and put some fabric glue on it such as on the end of one of the faux-leather string.
* Wrap the end of the faux-leather string with the pompon ends, press well with your fingers (you might get some glue all over your fingers at this stage, don't panic it will leave with some water!).
* Repeat with the other pompons.

Tadaaammmm !!!

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  1. It looks amazing! I would be concerned about the glue not sticking forever (I'm not familiar with fabric glue though...I have a tendency to hand sew everything :))