Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Shoes Brooches :: DIY

Here is a DIY about shoes and strass. Again. But I love the idea of mixing the two of them, above all when it comes to sneakers such as Converse, Vans or Nike Blazer that match perfectly with these over-girly brooches. 

It creates a nice balance between a sport and feminine look.

You will need:

Pair of earrings (mine are from New Look)
Super strong glue
2 pins
1 clutting pliers

* Cut the snap at the back of each earings, or like here cut the little ring that is between the 2 parts of the earrings.
* Spread a thin layer of super strong glue on each pin and place them at the back of the strass.
* Allow to dry for an hour at least, and your sneakers are ready to party !

I will show you next week how I styled them. Stay tuned !

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1 comment:

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