Sunday, February 3, 2013

Have a good Sunday !

No recipe today, but I won't miss an opportunity to write this weekly post which is your favorite (and mines too).

Sunday Music

Avenue X - You mean everything to me.

Sunday Reading

Elle & Galmour Spain.

I bought them with no much belief, as I just needed some stuff to help me spending the time during our long drive to Portugal, and I have to admit I have been realy surprised to see how they have inspired me !

Sunday Oups...

Une Touche de Rose birthday.

Well, I thought I launched my blog last year someday in February and realized it was actually in January the 17th.
Well, for this occasion I wanted to bake a cute baby cake topped with a single candle but will make it next time. For my own birthday maybe - crossed fingers I won't forget this date as well.

Sunday Pics
I had barely the time to enjoy Portugal so far. We are having long day - at work from 8.30 am to 8 p.m - and the only occasions we have to escape from the office are to drive up to suppliers factories.
What I saw of this part of Portugal is so charming and it's so frustrating not being able to stop and take pictures on the way of these emerald colored fields of lemon and orange trees bending under the weight of their fruits, this little church painted in lila lost amoung the grey houses on a hill, those bright pink camelia flowers spread on an old cobblestone street of a little village we went through, the half-broken painted tiles of typical houses, ...

But setting up a clothe collection from scratch is so passionating and I just can't wait to see all the items done.

Somewhere on the road (Spain).

Bocadillo de tortilla de patata - I can't miss an opportunity to grab a typical potatoes-omelette-sandwich each time I go to Spain.

Do you realize how many lemon & chocolate tartelette we can make with all those lemons we can find here...?!

Sunday Shopping

Rock Mafia.

SS 2013 Rock Mafia collection is out and I am currently trying to control myself to avoid spending all my money is these beauties.

Barnum 36 Travel - Camel - available here
Tabata - White Jade - available here

Plumber - Black - available here

Sunday Look
Beautiful winter reds.

Have a good Sunday !

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