Saturday, January 5, 2013

Making lollies with Pie Puff

 We have in France a traditionnal pie puff stuffed with frangipane we used to share with family the first Sunday of January.
But the funny part of  it is trying to be the fortunate one that will find the little lucky charm hidden in it.
So as you guess, when we where kids it always was a tough bedlam with my brother and sister when mum was cutting the pie and that's why she decided to ask one of us to sit under the living room table to distribute the slices.
To remember this fond and funny memory I decided this year to make this pie puff as lollypop: no one knows in which one the lucky charm is, pick up your own at random and you will see !

Make 10 individul pie puff lollies

2 sheets pie puff pastry
3 egg-yolk
100 gr butter at room temperature
80 gr sugar
200 gr almond powder
2 Tbs milk

10 lolliepop stick + 1 lucky charm (I made my own: brush a dry bean with an egg white, roll into food glitter dust and let dry for few minutes).

* Preheat oven to 180 degrees C.
* With a (fluted) round cutter make 10 circles into the 2 sheets of pastry puff.
* Place 5 of them staggered on a baking sheet.
* In a large bowl mix the sugar and butter until creamy. Add 2 egg-yolk and mix to combine.
* Put one generous teaspoon of this mixture into each of your 5 puff pastry circles, leaving 0,5 inch boarder.
Don't forget to place your lucky charm in one of them !

* Brush the sides with some milk, add the lollies stick and cover with the 5 circles of pastry left.
* Pin the boarders with a fork.
* Brush your pies with the egg-yolk left.
* Bake 15 minutes or until the pastry puffs and turn golden brown.

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  1. Is the almond powder added after the sugar and butter are creamed?

  2. Which sticks are you using because mine melted while cooking