Sunday, January 6, 2013

Have a good Sunday !

Sunday Recipe

Rice pudding for a sweet sunday.

I fell in love with rice pudding recently, and I can't figure out why it takes me so long to realize how good it is !
Here is my favorite basic recipe you can mix with wathever you want.

Makes 6:
2 cups milk
250 gr uncooked white short grain rice
50 gr white sugar
1 vanilla bean
1 Tbs orange-flower water

* Bring the milk and sugar to boil in a large saucepan.
* Reduce heat to low and add the rice, the vanilla bean opened and the orange-flower water.
* Cook until creamy (takes 20 to 30 minutes) stirring constantly. Add some milk if needed.

You turn to decide if you want to eat as it is, with roasted dried nuts, some jam or even better...Nutella !


Sunday Music

Super Trip - If the world was round.

This Australian band is one of my favorite at the moment. Clic here to listen the entire album - favorite song n°1.

Sunday DIY

One line a day diary - Printable.

A nice printable version of a "one line a day diary". Such a good way to start the year writting every kind moments of each day to be remembered !

Source :: The Lovely Department.

Sunday Clothing


I had a huge 'wardrobe sort-out day' this week. Check out all my sutff on sale !

Sunday Little Moves

Home sweet home.

I am not into New Year resolutions, as I am not waiting every begining of each year to take some.
But moving a couch from its original place, giving our living-room table a 90 degrees rotation and we feel like living in a new home, ready to make some good move in our life too !

Sunday Planning

Yummy Month Planner.

My hot chocolate tartelette is on january free printable month planner. Get it here !

Sweet Sunday

Jolies mômes. Mission accomplished.

The best chilling jumpsuit ever...
Thanks so much to the ones who helped ! Go and have a look to the new amazing collection of Jolies mômes.

Sunday Look
Blue shades.

I am usually not into wearing clothes from one shade, but seeing this beautiful combination of  blues changed my mind...
source :: Love, Blair.

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