Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Focus On :: Jolies Mômes

As you might know, I am a big supporter of little creators, the ones who fight every single day to live out from their passion.
Recently, I have been concerned with the case of Jolies Mômes.


Jolies Mômes is a little french brand of handmade fine & sexy lingerie.

The kind of underwear you would wear all day long with nothing else except a beautiful pair of above-knee knitted socks and a white shirt.

That's why I naturally put the last coins I had in my wallet after Xmas purchases to support its Ulule's project: raise 3000€ thanks to helpful donors like you & me to be able to launch the 2013 collection.

Today its the last day, there is exaclty 15 hours left and less than 400€ to raise. If it fails, we all get our money back and honestly, it would be such a pity.
So if you want to take part of this beautiful project here is the Jolie Mômes Ulule page.

Have a beautiful day !

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