Monday, January 28, 2013

Diamond Shoes :: DIY

I had these vintage black boots for a while now but I didn't wear them that often as it felt like they were unfinished, that something was missing. But it was until I stumbled accross these Miu Miu shoes: I love how great the fake diamonds look on their heels!

What you need:
1 pair of shoes, your call to decide to pimp your basic black boots, flats or heel ! As far as I am concern I trust into 'the simple the better' for this craft project.
10 or 20 strass 0,3 inch: I used crystal strass as they give the best sparkly finishing touch. You can use 10 or 20 strass depending on how you want to customize your shoes' heels.  
Super strong glue.


* Start to view where you are going to place your strass, then start gluing them on one of each heel side.
* Gently place the strass on the heel and press slowly but firmly.
* Let dry for at least 15 minutes.
* Glue the strass at the back of each heels reproducing the same process.
* Then glue the remaining strass on the other side of each heel.
* Let dry overnight before wearing your new diamond shoes.

Even if you use strong glue, I would recomend you not to wear these shoes in places they might suffer from 'strokes' (a forest walk, night club, ...).

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