Friday, October 4, 2013

Skater Skirt :: DIY

I've already shown you this skirt here and have been wearing it far too much since!

I was obsessed with this kind of fit for few months when I first stumbled into this skirt from MSGM: high waist with a beautiful thick flared fabric.


It has been a tough work to find out the right fabric but it worth the wait: I've finally found this amazing russian inspiration one that will be perfect this winter with a cosy sweater (or bare-legs such as here).
The steps to make this skirt are honestly very easy so don't hesitate to give it a try !

You need for a M size skirt :

150cm x 35 cm piece of thick fabric

Un morceau de tissu assez épais de 150 cm x 35 cm
A 3-4 wide rubber band the same length as your waist size
Measuring tape
Matching thread and needle (or even better a sewing machine)
A long stick (I used here a skewer !)

* Lay down the fabric on a flat area back side in front of you.
* Make a hem on the top long side wide enough to allow the rubber band to pass through (around 5cm), pin and sew.
* Make a small hem at the bottom long side, pin and sew.

* Knot the rubber band at the end of the skewer and pass it through the largest hem you made.
* Make sure to maintain firmly the skewer and fabric ends with one hand and to slide the other fabric side with the other to avoid loosing the rubber band inside the hem ! You should end up with tight pleats.

* Keep each rubber band ends around 1.5 cm out of the fabric and pin together fabric and rubber band such as the photo bellow.

* Place the skirt around your waist and adjust the fit if needed drawing on the rubber band. Pin again if so.
* Sew together the rubber band ends.

* Adjust the pleats on the skirt to allocate them equitably as mush as possible around the rubber band.
* Fold on themselves to the inside each fabric ends that meet on the rubber band area and sew them side by side on the rubber band.
* Place the skirt upside down, pin the 2 ends together leaving a 1.5 cm margin and sew.

* Tadaaaaammmmm !!!

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