Sunday, July 21, 2013

Have a good Sunday !

Summer is definitely here and the blog is going to slow down: I want to enjoy every single minutes of  my spare time sunbathing, reading, chilling, having fun with friends, but not on my computer ! So I will still be there, but less often than usual.
Meanwhile, I am still compiling my inspirations of the week and I think today is one of my favorite Sunday post: full of beautiful things and discoveries !

Sunday Recipe

Waffle and fruits on a stick.

I am taking it easy for Sunday recipe as well trying to make both quick and yummy breakfast such as these waffle and fruits on a stick ! Serve them with icing sugar, melted chocolate, caramel or even whipped cream...

Sunday Music

Last of Our Kinds - Yuksek feat. Oh Land.

Sunday Pics

We play hide-and-seek with Marcel under the deckchair (well, he is sure he gets invisible when under it).

We tried some freh-fruit mojito with some of my besties.

A lovely gold-plated necklace I order on with "Biscawaii" (from Biscarrosse, the place I live at) under my neck, from all the Biscawaii hashtag I used to tag on Instagram.

Sunday Home

This is for me the perfect living-room. Only a few flowers and interior plants are missing !

Sunday DIY

Stick fake flowers on a drawing to create a beautiful "piece of art".


Sunday Shoes

Pimp your Ermis.

I love this Emis sandals from Erotokritos and the best part of it is you can make your own ! I am hesitating between the whole nude version or making one with golden wings...

Sunday Food

I was supposed to make some guacamole for a diner with friends this week until I realized (too late) I only have one avocado left and nothing else. I then mixed it with some artichokes and other dressing for the taste and it was really good. Can't wait to make it again to share it with you !

Sunday Blog

Chloé Fleury.

I've stumbled into Chloé blog this week and have been totally obsessed with her amazing work: she is able to bring into life every single sheet of paper and what she creates is just amazing.
Go and check out her blog if you don't know her yet !

Sunday Look

I barely wear jewels (expected few necklaces) and prefer strong items that don't need extra, such as this amazing dress & shoes combo !


Have a good Sunday !

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