Friday, May 3, 2013

Patchwork Jean :: DIY

I don't know if you paid attention of it but patchwork jeans are almost everywhere this season and honestly, I don't like much this trend.
Well, I didn't like much this trend before I tried to make my own patchwork pair of jeans.

I had an old denim pant and some scraps of jeans left, so I had to give it a try and I have been so pleased with the result.

P.S: To make your own patchwork jeans chose a lose denim pant (a boyfriend fit is perfect), or go for a skinny one. You can also invert the colors and sew dark jean scraps on a clear denim.
I made an inspiration board below to help you find ideas:

You need:

1 pair of jeans
Scraps of old denim (chose a contrasting color)
Thread (use a white thread for clear denim and black thread for a dark one)
Needle and pins (or several needles)
Meter tape (or ruler)

* Put the jean on you and on one leg (here the right one) and mark lines above and below the knee where the scrap of jeans will end. Its size depend on how long you want it to be, but for example mine is 16 cm x 23.5 cm.

* Lay down your denim pant and fold it in its length. Make sure the legs are well aligned and mark the lines on the opposite leg (here the left one) using the one made before.

* Draw 2 rectangles on your scraps of denim, making sure to add 1 cm both on the length and width sides. Here, I have two rectangles of 16 cm x 23.5 cm so I drew two rectangles of 17 cm x 24.5 cm.
This margin is obligatory as it will be the fold necessary to sew the scraps.

* Cut the 2 rectangles.
* Place on of them between the marks of one of the leg.
* Fold the scraps sides over on 5mm and pin it onto your denim pant. Make sure not catching the back of the leg but only the top where you will sew the scraps.

* Sew the scraps, making sure once again not catching the back of the leg.
* Repeat on the other leg.

Tadaaaammmm !!!!

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  1. Great idea, I really like the patchwork look. Maybe I will try this to cover a hole in my favourite jeans