Friday, April 26, 2013

The leather headband :: DIY

Few month ago I stumbled into this picture and I had a crush on the knotted leather headband. It has this both casual and rock'n roll sides I love.

As you might have guessed by know, it was something I had to try to make by my own. And I'm glad it worked pretty well and was so easy to do !

I can easily wearing this headband with a white silk shirt and boyfriend jeans... what about you?

You need:

1 faux-leather piece of 80 cm x 19 cm
A piece of 2 cm wide rubber band (the length will depend on your head size - see below)
A meter
Thread + needles

* Fold your faux-leather piece into 2 equal parts and cut in the length to make two rectangles of 40 cm x 9.5 cm.

* Put them on the reverse side and fold them up. Pin with needles to maintain the 2 parts and hand-sew to make "tube".

* Turn the faux-leather tube over.

* Double knot the faux-leather tubes ends together, make sure the knot ends are long enough to be fixed at the back of the knot.

* Measure the headband length, your head size (roll the meter where you will wear your headband), and make the difference between these 2 length : it will be the length  of the rubber band, whom you will add 1 cm.
Here, the headband size is 47.5 cm, head size is 56 cm, so the rubber band is 9.5 cm (56 - 47.5 = 8.5 cm + 1cm in addition = 9.5 cm).

* Place the headband upside down, insert 5 mm of the rubber band into one of the ends, pin with a needle and sew. Make the same on the other end of the headband.

* Fold the knot ends to the back and sew them.

Tadaaaaammmm !!!!

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