Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jewels Boho Hanger :: DIY

I found this plank few month ago and brought it back at home, knowing I could make something great with it (but with no clue of what it would be at the moment).
Lately I stumbled into these cute door handles and it was an evidence: I was going to fix them on the plank to make necklace hanger !

What you need :

A wooden plank. Mine is around 25 inches long x 3 inches width x 1 inch thick
Several door handles (mine are from Zara Home). The number will depend on your plank size - here I used 6 door handles
2 screwing hangers
Drill + 2 drill-bit matching the diameters of your door handles and screwing hangers.
Felt-tip marker

* Start putting marks where your door handles will be screwed.

* Make holes on these marks thanks to your drill. Don't forget to handle your wooden plank firmly in one hand and to place the drill perfectly perpendicular to it to make perfect holes.

* Screw the door handles into the holes.

* Put the marks for your screwing hangers, use the drill to make holes and screw them securely.
* Pass the string through the screwing handles and secure the ends.

Tadaaammmm !

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1 comment:

  1. Looks really amazing
    The only thing is that I should find the material !!