Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Fringed Jacket :: DIY

I feel so creative and full of fun ideas to customize clothe at the moment, and here is my latest craft creation: a vintage fringed denim jacket.

I wasn't that enthusiast at the beginning but once I had finished sewing and cutting the fringes (which might have taken... 20 minutes !) I was so glad of the result.

To make the same at home you will need:

1 denim jacket
8 x 4 inch piece of black faux-leather fabric 
black sewing thread + needle 
pair of scissors

* Start marking with your pen mark the area the fringes will stop on the sleeves. I took the elbow bend as point of reference, which is 8 inch far from the wrist of the jacket.

* Cut 2 faux-leather fabric pieces: your fringes length (8 inch here) x 4 inch. 

* Sew each faux-leather fabric piece along the seam of the sleeves from the point your marked under the elbow to the wrist seam.

* Cut fringes into the faux-leather fabric that end at the seam.
To make regular fringes cut 0,5 inch large fringe then you cut them into 2 other fringes.

Tadaaaammm !!! You're done with your Calamity Jane fringed jacket.
I will show you next week how I styled it !

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