Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Planner :: DIY

Not being into New Year's resolutions doesn't mean that I am not going to change anything this year. But instead of saying "I will be an organized girl this year" - what I am used to decide every single year - I set up a plan that will make me organized. No matter what: A girly weekly planner.
The girly touch is the most important part of it. Let me explaine: as long as it's cute I will look at it. And as long as I will look at it, I will stumble into all those things I have to do during the week. You get the point ?
I have to admit that it worked well so far, so here is the tutorial if you are in the same need as me.

Weekly Planner :: DIY

* A frame without its glass
* 6 small wooden pin (not 7, sunday is day off)
* glue
* water paint & brush
* drawing pencil + rubber + ruler
* sequins
* washi tape

* With your drawing pencil make a mark where you pins will be: in the middle (where it will be glued) and at the top (where you will write the day).
* Make rectangles above this second mark, write the day in each one and paint. Make 2 coats if needed.
* Brush the top surface of the pins with some glue, then dip them into the sequins. Push gently, then remove and let dry for few minutes.

* Decorate your frame as you want. I made a lovely stripped effect using some pink neon washi tape every other line, adding 3 golden washi tape ones to add more fun.

* Glue your pins, then let dry.

* Hang on your Weekly Planner on a wall, preferably one you will see often during your day: bedroom, entrance of your home, office, ... Your call !

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