Sunday, January 27, 2013

Have a good Sunday !

Sunday Recipe

Chocolate granola crunchy bars.

We are leaving at first light tomorrow for 10 days in Portugal and I am so excited. But to avoid grabbing a greasy and non-healthy pastry on our way I made instead some crunchy and full of energy granola bars, with a thin layer of chocolate to give them a tasty kick.
Made in advance, they are also a great solution for those mornings your are just late and don't even have the time to drink your coffee !

Makes 10-15 bars:

225 gr oat flakes
60 gr almonds
60 gr dried crandberries
10 gr coconut flakes
50 gr butter
60 ml olive oil
115 gr honey
100 gr dark chocolate

* Preheat your oven on 160°Celcius.
* Chop the almonds and mix with oat flakes, crandberries and coconut flakes.
* Melt together the butter, olive oil and honey into a saucepan over medium heat.
* Add this mixture to the oat flakes one and mix well to combine.
* Pour this mixture into a 20 cm x 30 cm tin cover with baking paper and cook for 30 minutes or until golden brown.
* Set aside and let cool completely.
* Once your granola is cold and hard, cut bars with a well shaped knife.
* Chop your chocolate and melt it into bain-marie.
* Spread a thin layer of melted chocolate on each granola bar, place on a tray covered with baking paper and set on a fridge 15 minutes or until the chocolate has solidify.

Use the remainders crumbs as granola, mixing it with yogurt or milk and fresh fruits !

Sunday Music

Swan - Show Me Your Love.

Sunday Shop

My Etsy shop.

My Etsy shop is now open !
You will find on it some romantic bracelets made with hight-quality gold-plated chain and delicate lace flower, faux fur snood and soon other items made by me.

Find me at:

Sunday Pics

New food addictions.
Chocolate soja seeds + crunchy cheese & pumpkin seeds toast.

Pop of colors.
Some colorful flowers that give imediately our home a spring mood !

Storm Day.
A walk on the beach before the storm.

Sunday Escape


I just want to go to Hawaii. NOW.

Sunday Pleasure

Wear my UGG barefoot just after my aqua-biking lessons.

Sunday Beauty

Love the combination of these two golden nailpolish - from Elsie - A Beautiful Mess

Sunday Look
Stunning burgundi velvet jacket.
Have a good Sunday !

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